Technology Resources

Here you will find technology resources you can you in the classroom.

Ed Trang's ACTEAZ Summer Conference Presentation

Free Tech 4 Teachers

This has to be one of the best if not the best blog on the internet for technology resources for teachers. Updated constantly with descriptions, explanations, guides, and videos on technologies teachers can use in the classroom.

Great Articles from Free Technology for Teachers:

Alternatives to YouTube

10 Ways to Create Comics Online

Seven Videos All Educators Should Watch

Great tool to try. You can use Youtube videos in the classroom more effectively by adding questions for students to answer as they watch.

Many teachers have used Edmodo to help put materials and reminders online so everyone including absence students can stay in the know. It is a social network for teachers and students where teachers can post questions and assignments.

This is a tool for....exit tickets! Use for checking for understanding at the end of each class period. Watch the video to learn more about how it may be used in your classroom.

This website can be used to make cartoon stories. Great for a teacher trying to illustrate a point or for a student to tell a story or demonstrate their learning.

This is a tool that can be used to quiz and check for understanding of your students.


Place items into a fictional box to tell a story about an event, person, or historical period. I haven't tried this, but it seems like it might be useful for a demographics/target market project in marketing. (Formally Wall Wisher)

This is a great web tool to get all students involved. It is a virtual white board where anyone in class can contribute their ideas. It can be used for bell work, closures, collaboration, discussions, and more.


Use this program to create PDF files of your documents, merge documents, and save into other formats such as JPEG, PNG, & TIF. Just a reminder that MS Word documents can now be saved as PDF files through MS Word itself.

Students and teachers can create online flashcards to practice for exams. Flash cards are also printable.

I was just recently introduced to this great program. Wow. Really cool way to stay in touch with your students. You create an account that proves you with a phone number and a code for your students to text. Your students are then added to your text messaging group. You can now text your students all at once and they can text you without ever having to provide them your personal information. This is great for classroom reminders and for field trips to keep everyone informed.

"Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets."

Great social marketing tool for students to search current trends in social media by searching specific #hastags.

Three Ring is an excellent tool for one-to-one schools to help digitize student work in an online portfolio format. Excellent to help keep track of work and being able to retrieve it on a later date.

This is great for projects. Treilo can be used to map out projects and make it easier to know what needs to be focused on.

A way to collaborate with others using images, documents, videos, text, & audio file.

Presentation Tools

Use Animoto to turn your pictures into a short and creative video. Easy to use and makes your videos look great. Excellent for students to use for presentations and for student organizations such as DECA to make create a memory.


Glogster is a great tool for students and yourself to create digital posters that may include pictures and text, but also videos. This makes Glogster a more modern day version of the poster project presentation.

This looks to be an awesome tool for presenting videos and content while still showing the creator and their expressions through body language. The website has a great video to describe this program more.

Slide Rocket

Similar to PowerPoint, but on the cloud and many interactive features that help give your presentations an extra boost.

Record anything on your monitor's screen. Excellent for creating how to videos for your students or for your students to create a how to themselves.

"ThingLink is the leading platform for creating interactive images for web, social and advertising channels."

Voice recording tool for podcast creation, narration, and more.

Created a customized character that that will say what you want in a variety of voices and tones. Easy and fun to use.

Create stories using social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and more.

Knowledge Resources Learn about various topics

eHow- Learn about various topics. Videos are sometimes included.

Howcast- Learn about various topics. Videos are sometimes included.

How Stuff Works- Articles on various topics stuff works!

GCF Learn Free- How to for various computer technologies. Great for Microsoft Office.

Open Source Tools

These are typically free programs and applications that can be used for free. They are great quality programs that can hold its own against their paid equivalents.

Gimp- Equivalent to Photoshop CS5

Audacity- Audio editing software

Inkscape- Equivalent to Illustrator

PDFcreator- Equivalent to Adobe Acrobat X Standard